'tis the season to be spooky!

Halloween is pretty much like marmite, you either love it or hate it.

And with this holiday creeping just around the corner it's either an excitable or dreaded time of the year when deciding what to wear.
Scary or sexy?! Dedicated or minimal?! well not to worry as we have got you covered! Here some ideas perfect for Halloween using our products:

The Prism Rainbow Highlighter
The Prism Rainbow Highlighter is perfect to create a glowing mermaid or unicorn look. Consisting of 5 highly pigmented, shimmering shades this is a product Ariel herself would be jealous of. A good way to apply this highlighter is to use fishnet tights. Place your tights over the desired area of your face and apply your highlight. This will give the impression of having scales. Team this look with glitter, pearls and stick of starfish and you have a cute simple look.
One way to horror up this look is to use a mix of liquid latex and tissue paper. Layering these two things thinly can create the illusion of skin. After the latex has dried cut the middle of the now fake skin and peel to the outside of your face. Now in the middle of your actual skin you can once again use the rainbow highlighter to create the same scales. Finish this look with fake blood around the fake skin and you have created a darker mermaid in hiding. This highlighter is also perfect for any unicorn transformation. Rainbow makeup, hair & clothes! Teamed with a horn, glitter and white wings are a must have when creating this look.

The Aphrodite & Contour palette
Not only are our contour kits super creamy and pigmented but they are amazing for sculpting cheekbones, especially when creating a glamourous or realistic skeleton look. Our contour kits joined with our Aphrodite eyeshadow palette are a god send for this as the darker tones of the Aphrodite palette work insanely well when adding in darker shadows and bruising to really make the look three dimentional.

Remember to check out our Instagram for more Halloween inspo. You can even #contourcosmetics with your early Halloween looks for a chance to be featured on our Instagram


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