Which Contour kit is best for your skin tone?

This is a question that we hear all the time from you Contour Queens, so this guide will answer your questions once and for all.

Our contour kit, Contour original is best for warmer, tanned and dark skin tones. If you wear fake tan, this contour makeup will definitely be perfect for you as the warm tones to this contor kit will achieve natural looking glowing skin.

The Contour 2 kit consists of darker tones but caters for people who have pale or fair skin, who also have cool undertones to their complexion.
Even though these shades are darker than contour original, don't be intimidated! These super creamy shades blend out to a flawless finish, also only a small amount of product is needed to produce an show stopping look.
This contour makeup consists of 3 highlights, 2 neutral colours and a pink. The darker contour kit shades consist of a cool shade (perfect for a subtle contour), a warm shade (amazing for someone with to warmth to their skin tone) and a dark contour shade for when you want your contour makeup to appear more dramatic.

All in all you cant make a mistake when choosing which shade is right for you. You can also mix these shades to product your own custom contoured look!

Our Contour 2 large is currently on sale for £24!


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