Which lip kit is for me?

A good lipstick is a must have in anyones makeup bag! A coloured lip can add the finishing touches to any glamourous look but an also add some drama to minimal makeup.

At Contour Cosmetics there are 4 Lip Kits to choose from including:
Vegas- An intense highly pigmented red lipstick
Rio - A cute coral peach, thats bound to turn heads
Stud - A light brown, which is definitely a must have in Autumn.
Juju- A light dusty pink, perfect to team with white and even more perfect for Spring.

Each Lip Kit consists of a matching duo of a creamy lip liner and matte liquid lipstick so pigmented that a flawless lip look is yours in seconds. Outline your lips with our lip-liner for a long lasting lip look with a super clean outline. Pair with our intensely pigmented liquid lipstick to lock your lip look down all day long!

Contour Cosmetics Lip Contour Kit are available for £22
Or the Lipkit bundle which includes all 4 shades + lip liners for only £66!

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