Women empowering women! Contour Cosmetics visits Smart works!

We at Contour Cosmetics recently visited the national charity in Manchester and are very interested to learn more, and of course try to help!
Smart works works together from different sides of the country including London, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh, to help women in many different hard situations get into employment.

Racks of clothes donated from retailers such as Burberry as well as donations from professional women across the area.


Smart Works does this by bringing clothes and an interview coaching serivce to women in need of employment. After just one year in operation they helped almost 250 women and are proud to say that over 70% have succeeded at getting the job they went for.

The charity is provided by a team of 35 highly skilled volunteers which are fully trained in health and social care, with degrees in social serivces, funding, marketing, and fashion consultancy. All of their stock is donated from working women, giving to an amazing cause. Some clothes even come direct from retailers such as Hobbs, Next and Burberry.

Inside the Manchester charity HQ dressing room area



How can I help?

You can help this charity in a number of ways:
You can donate your own clothing, money  or time to this organisation.
If you want to get involved on a bigger sale with this charity you can:
Hold a clothing drive,
Host an event or fundraiser such as a raffle, quiz night or cake sale.

You can read more about this charty and how you can help at

Thank you for taking the time to read about this empowering charity helping women all over the country!

The Contour team xx

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