The lazy girls guide to makeup...

You love makeup! You're just not necessarily a pro.Either you don't have the patience, or the skill... but usually th...

Beauty products every 00's girl will remember!

Here are the beauty products every 00's girl will remember... and probably cringe at!

Don't feel blue! We've got offers for you!

So as today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, us at Contour Cosmetics are doing something about ...

Contour Cosmetics stunning before and afters

These stunning before and stunning after transformations really show the power of makeup using Contour Cosmetics...

Our picks for January

New Year, new products!A New Year is all about trying new things and with so many new beauty products coming out ever...

Making sure your makeup brushes last forever!

Well maybe not forever, but for a super long time...Did you know that you should clean your makeup brushes at least o...

Trends of 2017 that we love!

Even though 2017 has been and gone, I wouldn't be mad if these trends stuck around a while longer.

Beauty trends that need to stay in 2017!

Here are some of the worst beauty trends that we hope nobody brings into 2018. Please! we beg you!

Our favorite looks for the party season!

Look your most glamourous for the biggest night out of the year!Here are a couple of our favourite looks, perfect for...

Contour Cosmetics After Christmas Sale!

We hope you all had an amazing Christmas, filled with way to much chocolate and prosecco.But the holiday season still...

Christmas deliveries with Contour Cosmetics!

If you're the most unorganised person in the world and still haven't bought all of your Christmas presents then you'r...

Contour's 24 days of Christmas!

IT'S CHRISTMASSSSSS! And to celebrate everyones favourite time of year we are working through something extra to trea...
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